Fundraising Program

Tired of selling the same candy bars, popcorn, pizza kits, wrapping paper and cookies year after year? Let the excitement of Hurricane Harbor Phoenix's Fundraising Program work for you!

Get a great deal on Good Any Day Tickets to Arizona's premier water park! Tickets are sold on consignment so there are no risks, no monies up front and at the end of the Fundraising Season just return your unsold tickets... it's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up and receive your fundraising kit (Tickets, order forms, and promotional flier/e-blast)
  2. Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise!
  3. Return Final Payment and unused tickets to Wet 'n' Wild Phoenix. All money must be turned in no later than June 14, 2019.

Tickets can be sold from February 1 - May 30, 2019 and may be used from July 9 - October 13, 2019.

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix Regular Admission Price Your Price You Sell For Your Profit Per Ticket Sold
$45.99 + tax $21.00 $26.00 $5.00

Ticket Benefits:

  • A full day of unlimited rides, slides and attractions
  • Tickets are valid any regular operating day July 5 - October 13, 2019
  • Avoid waiting in line for tickets and go straight to the gate

No pressure, you only pay for what you sell! At the end of the program, you simply return the unsold tickets along with $21 for each ticket sold.

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix wants to say "Thank you" to our participants with this great incentive:

  • For every 20 tickets you sell, you will receive 1 FREE ticket (complimentary admission) valid for one visit to Hurricane Harbor Phoenix on any regular operating day during the 2019 Season!

Download the Registration Form to sign your organization up.

For more information, Call: (623) 760-9530 or E-mail us