Do I have to wear my EZ-Band when I am in the park?

No, you don't have to wear it while inside the park, but it will make buying food and drinks easier since you can load money onto your band. You will need to wear it to gain admittance into the park and to show at the tolls booths if the season pass you purchased includes parking.

Is it OK to wear my EZ-Band in the water?

Yes, the bands are intended for you to wear at all times and while they will absorb water, they will dry quickly. Water does not damage the bands.

What happens if I lose my band?

Just like with the previous season pass cards, if you lose your band, you will need to visit Season Pass Photo ID Center or the Front Gate to replace it. The replacement fee is $10 each time, but any EZ-Pay money you have on your band will automatically transfer to your new band. Since your picture is displayed each time you use your band (whether you are entering the park or purchasing a drink with it), the risk of someone else using your EZ-Pay account is very limited.

How do I know what benefits I have or how much money is on my band?

You can check your benefits or balance at any time on a mobile device or computer, simply visit wetnwildphoenix.com/mypass and enter the code printed on the inside of your band, on the back of the EZ logo. If you have difficulty reading the number, simply hold it under a bright light or in bright sunlight.

If I purchased Season Parking or a Season Meal Plan, do I use my EZ-Band to redeem those as well?

Yes, those options have been added to your EZ-Band. If you have a season parking pass, you will simply show your band at the toll plaza. If you purchased a Season Meal Plan, you will scan your band to redeem your meal at the register of designated food locations.

How do I add money to my band?

You can add money to your band from any mobile device or computer with a credit card, or at the park wherever you see an EZ sticker by using credit card or cash. To load money online, follow the same steps as you would to check your benefits or balance and once you enter the website, just click ADD Money. You can add money in increments of $5.*

Where can I redeem the money I've loaded onto my band?

All registers in the park are capable of accepting EZ-Pay from the EZ-Band. The only location not compatible with our EZ-Band payments is our lockers. Present your EZ-Band at lockers to receive your rental discount, and they still accept cash or credit card.

What happens is I still have a balance on my band at the end of the season?

Any monies loaded on your band during the 2017 season will automatically roll over to your 2018 season pass. You have two seasons to use all of your EZ-Pay funds (money loaded on your band). Like gift cards, there are no refunds available once you have loaded money on your band, but the balance can be transferred to another family member's season pass. If you have questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to contact Guest Services.

How do I know which band belongs to which person?

Each band was assigned to a specific person with a photo and name. The pass holder's picture will display every time you use your band. It is important that each person wears their own band. Inside, there is a place to write the pass holder's name. Fabric pens are available in season pass processing for this purpose, or you can do this at home. Fabric pens should be used to that the name will not come off when the band gets wet (Sharpies will not work). You can also go online to wetnwildphoenix.com/mypass and type in the code on the back of the EZ logo on the band to see who that band belongs to.

Are all of the benefits I receive loaded on my band when I receive it, or will some be added later?

No, not all of your benefits are loaded on the band when you receive it; some may be added throughout the season. The best way to ensure you take advantage of all your benefits is to go online to wetnwildphoenix.com/mypass. Please check back periodically for new offers.

*Online transactions are subject to a $2 transaction fee.